Is it time you:

  • Said goodbye to dieting forever?
  • Escaped the exhaustion and overwhelm of modern day life?
  • Truly loved your own body?
  • Quit going through the motions of day to day life, feeling like you're not truly living?
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You know there is more to life and you know that now is the time to take charge of your future. You have tried diets and have embarked on exercise programs, hell you’ve even downloaded a meditation app! But none of this has worked.

You are ready to make a positive change to your lifestyle but the masses of conflicting nutritional information and wellness jargon is overwhelming you. Don’t worry, I know EXACTLY how confusing it can be - and I can help.

How can I help YOU?

After growing up as a fairly normal child I began to experience depression in my late teens, and by the age of 22 I had been hospitalised four times with the chronic disease. Deemed beyond help by many of the medical experts I had seen, I began to seek alternative ways to get well. I wanted to quit merely existing and begin truly living.

Thanks to my new found knowledge and the changes I was making, the wheels began to turn and getting through days became easier. With good food, some soul searching and a lifestyle overhaul, I was able to focus on setting goals for the future - including living a healthy happy life.

Fast forward a few years and two beautiful children later, I went on to win three World Championships for fitness modelling in New York. I had successfully turned my life around, from hospital bed to the world stage, yet I still had a feeling that there was more to life. I was sick of feeling ‘average’ and I was done with ‘just okay’. So once again I decided to embark on my own journey into the world of wellness.

Can you say flawed?

As a Western culture we are overwhelmed, stressed out, depressed, fatter and sicker than ever before. Having studied nursing and biomedical science at university, I learnt of amazing advances in medicine and surgery - so how are we still in this diseased state?! I decided to switch focus thanks to my growing anger and frustration. I was confused and disheartened, western medicine wasn’t providing the answers I was looking for. So I begun studying natural and holistic medicine and how they were practiced across the world. What I learnt was nothing short of astounding…


We have forgotten our SOUL!

Yes, seriously, astounding. I’m not kidding. In EVERY other culture a human being is seen as a whole, their physical, mental and spiritual forms, all one. To treat one whilst disregarding the others would be seen as madness. The western theory of reductionism - oversimplification which doesn't take the whole person or all symptoms into account - has left our soul at the door. Instead we are taught from a young age to push aside our feelings in order to get things done.

Unfortunately this theory has left us in this severely diseased state, despite the advances in science. I wanted my soul back damn it… and I wanted it to be sexy!

I began trialing everything, from Ayurvedic medicine to Chinese herbs. I learnt about the power of food as medicine and stumbled my way through the world of crystals and witch doctors. Textbooks were not enough and I embarked on a journey around the world. Living with families from Peru all the way to Nepal, I discovered some nasty truths. I tested out the good, the bad and the bizarre. What I have learnt and continue to learn is what I want to teach you!



  • There is more to life than always being sick and tired
  • When you focus on feeling good, you look good too
  • A little bit of woo woo goes a long way (my inner hippy is now alive and well!!)
  • Everybody is different and no one plan suits every one

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Inside The Modules

Nutrition - The Truth

- Question what you know

– Discover why not one diet fits everyone

– Learn the demons of the diet industry

Preparing Your Plate:

- Eating REAL food

– Preparing your food

– Superfood and you

– Crowding out the bad


- Is it a problem? or is it your perception?

– Discovering your inner child

– Changing your mindset


- The importance of movement

– Balancing yin and yang – after all we are all individual

– Try something new


Detox Your Life:

- What is detoxing and who is it for

– Detoxing your body

– Detoxing & de-cluttering your wardrobe

– Detoxing your home

Connecting With Nature:

- Give yourself a better connection by learning the principles of grounding

–  The truth about the Sun

–  What are EMF’s doing to you and how to prevent the harm

Complementary Practices:

- Learn how to incorporate ‘new age’ healing

– How crystals and angels can help you

– Clear your negative energy to make room for the positive

Your Future:

- Your opportunity to develop a plan that is perfect for you

– Put everything you have learnt together, small implementations for massive changes

– Prepare for a future of positivity and health

I'm in!

60 Days to a Sexy Soul is not your average online fitness and wellness program because, sure you want to look good, but I’m also sure you want to feel amazing as well.

A lot of programs promise to get you in physical shape and they are effective, to a point. We've all seen the before and after photos. But it all depends on what you want to get out of it. And to be honest, most people rebound and end up back at square one (plus some). Trust me, I pick up the pieces as a personal trainer!

The amount of people that risk their health in order to 'appear' healthy is ridiculous, backwards and downright stupid. (Not to mention toxic to the soul!)

This course will teach you how to incorporate looking after your body and your soul as one. Combining the latest scientific information with tried and true traditions from cultures all around the world. By focusing on yourself as a whole you can find the balance that will allow you to grow to your fullest potential.

There is no one-size-fits-all plan for every single person, and that's where this course is different, it takes into account that what works for one person may not work for another. 60 Days to a Sexy Soul has been designed so you can learn what suits you. By the end of the 60 days you will be able to:

  • Understand the basics of nutrition to make your own educated decisions about food
  • Prepare delicious meals with ease and enjoyment
  • Understand that physical activity is a continuum of movement which helps in miraculous ways
  • Understand how the world survived without pharmaceuticals and how using some of these methods can benefit you
  • Discover how implementing small changes in your mindset can positively impact your life
  • Enjoy the benefits of connecting with nature
  • To detoxify your body and your life so that you can thrive
  • Confidently seek alternative therapies that complement your lifestyle (without feeling like a misguided hippy)
  • Implement a customised plan for your future, based on balance and soul

Before I began Amber’s Health Coaching program I was struggling with my body image, and my relationship with food. Even though I had tried many programs to help, it was safe to say I was on the ‘yoyo' diet for a solid 29 months; being ‘good’ during the week but getting bored and splurging/binging all weekend only to repeat the next week. However, since my very first consultation with Amber, I have never felt better.

All of her simple tips on how to change the most basic things have really made a difference to my well-being and how I feel. For the first time in a very long time I am finally loving the person I see in the mirror and looking after my body rather than dispising it. Thank You Amber, I have been looking for this feeling of amazing and holistically healthy for a very long time!! Xxx

Brooke Summers
Studio B Designs
  • Online Membership Site

    All of your learning will take place in a secure online hub. You will be sent an email at the beginning of each week introducing you to a new module. Miss an email? Don’t worry everything you need to complete the 60 Days will be available in the membership site.

  • Video Tutorials

    Each week there will be a video (or two) to guide you through the topic. We also have some amazing guest contributors on board who will provide you with some extra soul enriching video content.

  • PDF Downloads and Workbooks

    Everyone learns differently so each of the video tutorials will also be available as a printable PDF. Along with printouts of the session, each module also comes with a workbook to put what you have learnt into practice.

  • Private FB Community

    The added support of a private Facebook community is included to ensure you have access to me and support from like minded individuals. The thriving online community is a place to share your experiences as well as ask questions.


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Amber Walker is a passionate ambassador for health and fitness. A qualified Personal Trainer, Health Coach and Holistic Nutritionist, she has worked in the fitness industry for over 15 years.

As well as being a mum, Amber is also a multiple World Championship winning athlete. Having worked as a personal trainer with the likes of Penelope Cruz, the cast of Pirates of the Caribbean 5 and a range of international fitness models, Amber has the skills and expertise to lead even the busiest person to greater health.



Colette Werden is a Professional Image Mentor, Keynote Speaker and TV Presenter.

She calls it her “obsession with confident women” and her drive to empower females that catapulted her desire to launch an image development consultancy business for driven entrepreneurs and professionals. She works with time-poor professionals to develop a unique style for their personal brand and a wardrobe that supports their lifestyle, so they dress with confidence, effortlessly.

In just three short years, Colette has become the go-to image specialist in the country by the media, and is a regular contributor for Women’s Agenda and the Style & Image Expert on She is a regular speaker for some of Australia’s largest corporations, empowering their teams on dressing for success.


Scott Gooding is an advocate for health and fitness and promotes the path towards optimal health. An exercise specialist of 10 yrs with a background in exercise science, Scott has run a successful PT and bootcamp business in Bondi since 2005.

Scott has published 6 books under the Clean Living series.

He continues to share his message about health and aims to positively influence what people eat on a day to day basis.

Amelia Ricci is a Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor and Yoga teacher with 20 years experience. Certified with Fitness Australia, her mission is to educate and inspire women to achieve their best body ever, with a simple approach no fads, no gimmicks.

Amelia believes perfection is boring and the way to feel great is to eat fresh clean foods, move daily, love yourself and never stop learning.

As a 2 x Fitness Model Champion and mentor to Australia's successful fitness and bikini models Amelia enjoys working in her business Living Beauty. Amelia teaches yoga and pilates in Adelaide at various locations.


John Templeton has worked with all physical ability levels from Mums to Elite Athletes.  He is a passionate advocate of living a healthy, balanced life. Believing in focussing on Happiness before anything else, John is always the fun one. With a military background as a trainer to the New Zealand Special Forces he makes exercise fun and painless (nearly!).

John routinely works alongside Amber on various projects, from his online program, The Awesome Man Project to training the cast of Pirates of The Caribbean 5.

I have been lucky enough to have Amber's advice on tap as a mentor and life coach. Amber's knowledge, passion and experience in health for the soul and the body is unrivalled. Amber takes the time needed to get to know 'you' and how you can improve your choices and lifestyle to be the best version of yourself. I will always look to Amber for advice because I know she puts herself in my shoes.

Kelly Morgan
Project Manager

I have trained with many trainers before and none of them are as well-structured, professional or as personable as Amber. Amber is brilliant - with a wealth of knowledge, compassion and passion for what she does. Amber is real and someone who practices what she preaches. She understands the individuality of a person, providing inspiration and motivation in life that is second to none.

Genevieve Quan
Business Development Manager
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  • You are overwhelmed, tired & stressed
  • You want to learn how to nourish your body, mind and soul to achieve a truly balanced life
  • You want to embark on a journey into wellness that will change your life
  • You want to ditch the diets forever and discover a way of eating that suits you as an individual
  • You want to learn to really love your body
  • You want to banish the bloating. FOR GOOD!
  • You are ready to live a happy, healthy life filled with passion and energy
  • You want a cookie cutter meal and exercise plan, we don't dictate, we teach you how to design your own unique plan
  • You are looking for a quick fix, this program is just the beginning of your lifestyle transformation
  • You who want to make excuses, we can only help those who want to take action
  • You don't like the idea of drastic change - we want you do to do whatever it takes
  • What happens when I purchase the program?
  • When does the program start?
  • What are the payment options
  • What if fall behind?
  • How much time do I need to dedicate to the program?
  • Is there an opportunity for questions?

Click the FAQ's button below to discover the answers!!

What happens when I purchase the program?

When you click the "sign me up" link you will be redirected to the payment gateway. Once payment has been made you will be sent an email confirming your enrolment! This email will contain the details you need to get started with the course… how exciting!!

What are the payment options?

Payments for this course can be made through Paypal or via credit card through e-way, Australia's most reputable credit card payment gateway. To make this program more accessible we have included a payment plan option as well as a one off payment.

How much time do I need to dedicate to the program?

The time spent learning the material is as minimal as possible. I know you are busy so I have condensed what I think is important into the shortest lessons possible. No body has time for waffle! An hour or two per week will give you the basics though it is very possible that you will want to continue your learning with links and bonus materials whenever your free time allows it!

When does 60 Days to a Sexy Soul start?

You can start the Introduction module TODAY (Well as soon as you sign up!!). Each module is then released weekly to avoid overwhelm, ensuring you get the most out of this program.

What happens if I fall behind?

We all know life throws curve balls so if by chance you fall behind, you have the opportunity to catch up in your own time. The purchase price includes 6 months membership to the site and LIFETIME access to the private FB community.

Is there an opportunity to ask questions?

Of course!  The private Facebook community ensures you have access to myself and other like minded individuals embarking on a healthier journey through life!

More questions? Contact us here!!

Well done on taking an interest in becoming a better you. Simply fill out your details below and we will give you a call to discuss any further questions you may have.

I have taken every effort to accurately represent this program and the potential it has to drastically improve your life.

However there is no guarantee that you will look, feel and be amazing simply by enrolling in this course. This program is just the beginning of your learning and on-going growth. You and only you are responsible for the results you achieve. The greater the effort, the greater the return.

This program is meant as a guide and in no way replaces medical care for those who are ill. For those people this program is to be used in conjunction with their medical treatment, with the hope of integrating complementary therapies where possible.

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